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To remain competitive in the market of Unsaturated Polyester Resins, research and innovation must be closely intertwined with the needs and demands of customers.
Carlo Riccò & Fratelli works side by side with those who use the materials from the earliest stages of research, considering customer feedback to be a critical measurement of success.
This partnership is further developed with the fine-tuning, testing and analysis of the customers' products themselves, establishing a robust link between science and production.

Whether we're talking about Artistic Castings, Abrasives, Marble and Synthetic Stones,
or Mastics, Stuccoes, Reinforcement of Bathroom Fixtures (even with NO ROLL technology), SMCs and BMCs, Relining, Silo and Cistern Pipes or to process Carbon or Glass Fibres,
we study and fine-tune our products together with our Customers, sometimes also thanks to continuous collaboration with universities.

To make ourselves useful in a concrete and productive manner we are guided by one certainty: we are no more expert than those who use our products every day.
In 60 years of experience this approach – shared by all – has never betrayed us: our passion is driven by human and technological relationships with customers, universities and partners.


The laboratory

The laboratory is the heart and engine of our business: without the ability to do extensive research on and testing of Polyester Resins and our customers' products we would not get very far.
The most important tool in the Laboratory is the technicians' passion for their work, followed by the equipment, which is able to provide reliable answers to a vast array of questions, including the behaviour of products over time.
We are therefore not only equipped for chemical analysis and research, but also for testing of the dynamic/mechanical characteristics of products and accelerated ageing, in particular with machines like the QUV or XENON Test.

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